Da Bears Playing for their lives today!

After starting the season at 8-1 the Chicago Bears play today with everything on the line. The Bears kick off against the Detroit Lions @ 12. Not only do Chicago fans have to cheer for the Bears but they have to do the unfathamoble and cheer for GREEN BAY PACKERS! Yes thats correct Bears fans everywhere cannot hate on the cheeseheads this week as they need to win in order for the Bears to see another week! How can it be that the Bears went from For sure division winners to Wildcard to In the Hunt? Thats what happens when you depend on the defense too much. If the Bears manage to choke up this season completely then you better believe there will be NO MORE LOVIE on the sidelines… Out with the old in with the new! At the end of the day GO BEARS & Packers (I guess).


It really seems that comedian Katt Williams is going off the deep end. The comedian was arrested again Friday night for Child Endangerment for having illegal drugs and guns in his house. His bond is set at $100000. Next week for possible felony child endangerment charges.

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Gang Rape Victim from India Dies

On December 16 a woman in India was gang raped by six men on a bus. The woman and her freind were on their way back from watching a movie and the men attacked her and the man that she was with. The men attacked her with a metal rod and and six men then raped her.She suffered from severe internal injuries lung infection and and brain damage. While she was in the hospital she also suffered a heart attack. The doctors said she died peacefully on Decemeber 27 2012. After news of this broke women in India are protesting that they want rape cases to get to court faster. These type of cases in India are unfortunately common. Hopefully this horrific case will help move things a long to protect and help victims in India better.