cropped-nfl_header_bears.jpgThis free agency has been quit eventful so far. Lots of players being cut and new players being added to new teams. One of the biggest acquisition this year is the New England Patriots letting Wes Welker go and the Denver Broncos adding him as a receiver. This comes as a shock because the Broncos got him for 2 years worth $12 million. Welker had 768 career receptions, 8,580 yards and 38 touchdowns with his career with the Patriots. Now he has the chance to play with Brady’s rival Peyton Manning. Running backs Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, Rashard Mendenhall and Shonn Green all signed with new teams. Steven Jackson signed with the Atlanta Falcons for 3 years worth $12 million. Reggie Bush signed with the Detroit Lions for 4 years worth $16 million. Rashard Mendenhall signed with the Arizona Cardinals with $2.5 million and Shonn Green with Tennessee for 3 years worth $10 million. Then wide receiver Dwayne Bowe signed for 5 years worth $56 million in Kansas City.It has only been a couple days into this free agency and lots of signing. There will be more big signings the more time passes. The Chicago Bears signed 2 new players, former New Orleans Saints Jermon Bushrod left tackle for 5 years worth $39.9 million. They also picked up former New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennet for 4 years worth $20 million. This is the time for the teams to rebuild their teams and prepare for them to make their run to the Superbowl.


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