Spring Fashion 2013

The weather is becoming warmer and the sun is staying out later. What does this all mean? Its time for Spring which means new fashion. Brighter colors, shorter shorts and many styles of flats. 2013 is the year that girls need to be bold to stand out for the Springtime. Bold Hair, Bold shoes, Bold clothing. If you dont like to be the center of attention then, snap out of it and get greedy with the spotlight. Some fashion trends for this Spring are creative nails like bold under color with polka dots. You can do this by having a bright colors as the base, for example… neon green, then with a toothpick make dots with a white nailpolish. Simple,easy and quick. For the hair this season its all about the bold HEADBANDS.You can get away with a messy bun and make it look suoer cute with a huge bow on top of you’re head. Buy your headbands in all colors,shapes and sizes.As far as the clothes is concerned this season, wear pastel colors, patterned pants, lace shirts and colorful scarves. Spring time is the pre-show for Summer Fashion. So get crazy and creative this spring. Dont hold back and enjoy SPRING!


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