9/11 Conspiracy “Loose Change” Review

The documentry “Loose Change” is a film that does its best effort to inform the public about the terrorist attacks on September 11th and the conspiracy behind the attacks. The film shows us many different ways that the U.S goverment could have been behind the attacks. The points that they showed were intriguing and scary at the same time. They were intriguing because they show valid points and make us think for a second it could have been our very own goverment to take the lives of 3,000 innocent Americans. The scary part is that people actually believe this conspiracy. Personally I do not believe this was a conspiracy. I truly believe that Al-Queda has the blood of 3,000 Americans all over their hands. The only part that I started thinking that it could have possibly been a conspiracy is the Pentagon Attacks. The evidence that they showed was strong & extremly reviting. There are many different films and articles about if the 9/11 was a conspiracy. While we all watch this we need to keep in mind that this was not a conspiracy. The United States was cold heartedly attacked on American soil and unfortunately innocent people were killed and it is not fair to place the blame on our goverment.


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